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Get the products you want from a single U.S. location.

small-icon55.png Products

Ecigsdirect manages multiple manufacturer’s products on our easy-to-use website. Not only do we offer you the best products, we offer you the best support possible with our customer service department located in Virginia.


How we offer you the best merchandise possible.

small-icon25.png Catalog
Ecigsdirect has the largest inventory of electronic cigarette models, manufacturers, and products in one single source. Retailers can browse a variety of top products by manufacturer or product type, making our expansive inventory easy to use and navigate.
small-icon56.pngLive Stock Inventory
We keep you in the loop with our live stock inventory count accessible online 24/7, letting you know how much of a product is left in stock at all times. With our customizable tracking system, you can see when new inventory arrives and when they are available for ordering, keeping you up- to-date from start to finish.
No Minimum Orders
At ecigsdirect, we understand needing a product at moment’s notice. Luckily we are located in the United States and can get you your product fast and at any quantity because we have no minimum orders.
We also have no commitments for weekly or monthly orders. Order what you want, when you want.
small-icon22.pngHigh Quality Testing of Standards
With ecigsdirect, you know you’re getting the highest quality products because we inspect and personally approve each manufacturer before we sell their products. Take comfort in knowing your products are screened and approved.
small-icon14.png Reviews and Feedback
Reviews and feedback are essential when picking out your inventory. Even though we make it easy to view multiple products, that doesn’t mean you still know what to choose. View feedback from other retailers on each product. Retailers give the ideal feedback because they know what works and doesn’t work in the market, giving you the most relevant information possible.
small-icon10.png How do we get feedback?
We listen to our customers to understand what's popular in their region and demographic.


small-icon37.png Customer Service
We have an experienced team of representatives ready to answer your questions by telephone or email. Get answers about multiple products from multiple manufacturers in one place. We can tell you what products are most popular, the newest arrivals and questions about ordering. All the information you need is in one place.
small-icon58.png Product Support
Questions about the products? Ask a representative. We know the products because we talk to manufacturers and retailers, giving you the ultimate guide to each product. We are conveniently available to chat via email or phone.
small-icon17.png Manage Orders
Manage your orders 24/7 anytime/anywhere with our easy online ordering platform. You can view your most recent order, past orders and track your order all with the click of a button. We let you know when a order has been completed, if it is pending, cancelled, and shipped.
small-icon47.png Trusted value of products
Ecigsdirect approves every manufacturer that sells products for us. It is not just a website where manufacturers can add products, Manufacturers are required to apply and be approved before any products leave our shelves to yours.
small-icon8.png Education of products
We offer customer service and product support. We are just a phone call or email away from answering all of your questions whether it be about the products or orders.


small-icon34.png Shipping

Need products in a moment’s notice? No problem. We increase productivity by bringing the products closer to you with our warehouse located in the U.S.


How we alleviate the stress of overseas shipping.

small-icon48.png Carriers
Ecigsdirect uses shipping carriers you’re familiar with and shipping times that work for you. Stop dealing with overseas shipments and get your shipments from the United States.
small-icon19.pngNo Customs
Let us worry about customs and the hassle of shipping overseas. When you order from ecigsdirect, your products come from Virginia.
small-icon6.png Low Cost
Shipping from overseas is expensive and time consuming, especially if you need a product fast. Let us ship your products to you, quickly, easily and affordably.
small-icon39.png Tracking
Easily track a package right on our website. You’ll be able to see when your package is processed and shipped, keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

small-icon37.png Customer Service

Ecigsdirect not only brings the top electronic cigarette products to the U.S., we have the knowledge and support you need in one place. We’re in Virginia, a quick phone call away.

How we connect the industry, one step further.

small-icon44.png Warranty/Returns
        We allow returns for all products, you just have to simply fill out a form which you can request from one of our sales reps.
small-icon56.png Health Standards
All of our products are stored in a secure facility in Virginia. We also inspect manufacturers in China, personally, and hold them to a particular code. We cover all the bases to make sure you, the retailer, receive the highest quality products.
small-icon20.png Contact
All of our representatives are based in Virginia and are available to help you with any questions you may have. We are available Monday-Friday 9-5 EST or email.