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We know that return times are difficult because sometimes items don’t sell right away. Below are the times the manufacturer gave us on return times. Please get your returns to us as soon as possible so we can get them submitted right away.



 Kanger – 6 months

Innokin – 6 months

Aspire – 6 months (tanks 3 months)

Joyetech – 6 months

Smok – 6 months (tanks 3 months)

Wismec – 3 months


 How to return:

 Please fill out the form available on our website. We can also email/mail forms to you. All information must be filled out. The more specific you are, the better chances you have of getting your replacements.

 NOTE: Make sure to include photo OR original packaging with serial number.


How to return leaking tanks:

 Tanks are really tough for us to return. China requires us to provide a troubleshooting video including:

  • Replacing the coil with a new coil and testing for leakage
  • Make sure to show that you are screwing in the coil tight enough
  • Replacing the rubber o-rings and testing for leakage

 As you can see, tanks for leaking are very difficult to return and get a replacement. Because of that, if you have a true leaking tank, we require you to record the video of the customer/employee demonstrating the requirements and sending us the video. Due to health reasons it is difficult for us to test tanks ourselves, this is the best way for you to ensure you get a return for your item.


How to return tanks for manufacturing defects:

 A defect includes: manufacturer welding/soldering issues, such as threading etc…

 Must provide the serial number and/or original packaging


How to return kits:

When we return kits to China, they only replace the product that is broke. For example, if you have a broken mod but a functioning tank, China will only replace the mod for us. Because of this, all kit returns will receive a store credit minus $10. We suggest keeping the tank and letting the customer keep it.



 The shop is responsible for shipping costs back to us. If you would like us to email/mail you a label using our account rates, please let us know and we can simply charge your account for the label.



All testing will be done within one day-one week of the day we receive it. Some issues are harder to reproduce than others. If no replicated manufacturer defect is found, we will notify you within 72 hours and the device will be sent back to you. If you are able to capture a video of the defective device, we will be able to credit/replace your item much quicker than if we do it ourselves.



 Once your return has been processed and approved, we will issue you a replacement for the item. If we no longer carry that item, we will issue you a store credit.

 All sales are final BUT we do offer a buyback program for unopened products on a case-by-case basis. If we agree on the amount, you will receive a store credit for the order.


 Return Denial

If we received a return and cannot replicate the error, we will be forced to deny your return request. If you feel like this is in error, you are more than welcome to submit the return yourself. Please let us know and you can forward you contact information.